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5 Best HP Ultra-Portable Laptops

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Computer, a vital element in the Information Technology field has turned from one bulky form to another form known as laptop. This fine form also modified in to finest form of laptops. Ultra-portable laptops are one such finest piece.

In the laptop manufacturing and marketing, many tops companies are contributing their latest models of laptops to the IT market. HP also has its major contributing in the area of Ultra-portable laptops. Let us consider the top 5 HP ultra-portable laptops.

HP Elite Book 2530p:
HP Elite Book 2530p
It consists of the basic hardware configuration of a laptop. The performance is excellent will all the operation systems including the fresh Windows Vista. The working hours is increased enormously due to the powerful battery. It is considered to be one of the hottest laptop among the professionals. The price tag ranges from $2,147 to $2,323.

HP Elite Book 2730p:
HP Elite Book 2730p
It replicates the above configuration, except the operation system. It comes with Tablet version of Windows XP instead of Windows Vista. The security packets embedded with this laptop is supreme in the performance. This laptop will provide the comfortable zone of work especially for business purposes. Its cost starts with $1,700.

HP Compaq 2510p:
HP Compaq 2510p
The special feature is the six and a half hours of battery. It will help the experts who need laptop for many hours can get their work done at any time. These ultra compact laptops can withstand heavy works such as 3D graphic designs, animation works, etc. High capacity of RAM and the hard drive provides the needed job completed even in the less time from the other laptops.

HP Pavilion dv3510nr:
HP Pavilion dv3510nr
The stunning features of this laptop are the 3GB RAM along with the best Intel core2 Duo processor. Besides that it has the fingerprint reader, Remote control, eSATA, HDMI ports and backlit keyboard. $1000 is the beginning price of this laptop.

HP Compaq nc4400:
HP Compaq nc4400
This ultra sim notebook is composed of most HP security suite in it. It comes with windows edition along with HP protecttool security manager, fingerprint sensor, configuration control hardware and memory change alert as the primary software.

These are the top ultra laptops in the HP series.

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