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How to capture streaming videos easily?

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I spent quite a lot of time watching live video streams on sites like YouTube or Twitch. They are insanely fun to watch because I get to see REAL people talking about different topics and that too LIVE.

I watch YouTube to checkout some informative shows from YouTubers like LinusTechTips, TheVerge or MKBHD. On Twitch I mainly go to watch people playing video games I am interested in. People do all kinds of stuff online and the best part of it is that you get everything in video form on these websites. If an image can speak a thousand words, I am pretty sure a video can speak ten thousand words. Some times I like to save these video shows so that I can watch them again later. I also share these videos with my friends and they often ask me how I record these shows. Well, I have finally decided to let them know how and hence I am writing a post about it so that everyone can know how I record the videos I stream and I would mention the best streaming video recorder that you can use to record these videos.

How to record streaming videos?

The concept is simple. Streaming videos stream directly to your PC and no matter what the source of streaming video is, you can record your PC’s screen to record the streaming video. This is made possible by an amazing app named Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

You might be thinking why I am telling you to record your screen instead of telling you ways to download the videos. Well, for live streaming video sites like Twitch, you do not have any download links at all. The videos stream live and when the stream ends, the video is nowhere to be found.

In case of sites like YouTube, the size of videos is rather very large and it is always better to save your data and use a streaming video recorder like the Movavi Screen Capture Studio to do the job and after the recording is complete, you can easily use the video instantly.

How to download, install & use Movavi Screen Capture Studio?

Downloading & installing the software

Now that you know what software I use, let me tell you how to download and set this software up so that you can start recording as soon as possible. Just follow the steps to install the software:

  • Head over to this link and download the software. It will download an exe file.
  • Double click the downloaded file and the setup will start. Just choose the appropriate setup options and complete the setup.

Now that we have completed the setup, lets move to the usage part.

How to use this tool?

  • When you have completed the setup, you can just run the software and you will see a window that will resemble like below shown image.


  • Choose the resolution from the preset options or use your custom options.
  • When the preferences are ok, just hit the REC button and recording will start.



You can also edit the videos after recording is done and you can record the videos at 60fps too. So this was a tutorial where I told you about a great streaming video recorder.

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