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Cyware: The Cybersecurity App which you cannot ignore.

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In this post PC era the entire dynamics of cyberspace have changed. The basic paradigm of cyber security and internet security has also changed. The world has moved from a reactive to proactive strategy and there is an increasing focus on cyber awareness to streamline the latter. Cyber awareness is being touted as the crux of threat intelligence which in itself is the lynchpin of entire security paradigm of this postmodern era. To stay ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats, it should be easy and simple for any cyber security professionals to share threat intelligence with their leadership team, security operations, clients, and peer organizations and this is what exactly Cyware does.

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Cyware is an App whose sole purpose is to generate cyber awareness by providing expertly curated news from the field of cyberspace. Powered by IBM’s Watson it does so by selecting best of the stories from amongst the tens of thousands of the cyber stories published everyday across the length and breadth of the internet. It summarizes these stories, retains the essential facts and disseminates them timely so that its users stay ahead of the threat actors. For any security professional or a general internet user, Cyware provides customised news and arms them up with knowledge and information to beat the faceless cyber criminals.

It is essential to note that nowadays cyber criminals are moving at the speed of light. Everyday there are new kinds of threats and threat actors. There is only one way any person can safeguard himself from cyber fraud or scam and ensure internet security or an organization can ensure fool proof cyber security; and that is by always being a step ahead of the cyber criminals. Beating state and non-state actors requires the security team to be always on their toes and take cognizance of all happenings around the world. What might strike in a different continent or a country today might strike our continent or country tomorrow. Bad actors not only use same attacks cross country but cross industry as well. It is therefore important to know about cross country and cross industry attacks. To remain aware of all these threat in advance would require keeping a tab on every news; and then separating the wheat from chaff. However, the entire effort can be simply replaced by Cyware. The news provided by Cyware is customised in such a manner so that it can be readily received, processed and consumed by the user.

Cyware is going to be game changer in the field of cybersecurity. If well integrated with security paradigm of any organization, it can infact emerge as force multiplier for any organization. Any professional cyber security team cannot choose to ignore Cyware, for it knows the path to secure networks and systems can only be illuminated by cyber awareness.

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