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Techfren.Com will take plagiarism aka content theft seriously. Articles posted on this blog portal are 100% originally written and we would even take help of legal channels to safeguard our resource. We do not even allow anyone to republish the content with the source mentioned. is protected by industry leading anti-plagiarism products CopyScape / Copysentry. We get notified instantly, the moment our content appears elsewhere on the web.

In Case of Theft Detection
Copyright Act Content

If any blog or website is found to be republishing our articles in full or portions of it, we report the violations to their hosting provider and the advertisement programs used for monetization.

Programs such as Google AdSense and other popular providers are getting very serious about the plagiarism. Read this.

Since our content is original, the website copying our articles will get into trouble, under Digital Millennium Copyrights Act.

Why the violators lose?

Content Thieves
Plagiarism Promoters

* Search engines judge the authority of a website for specified content, by analyzing, when the content was first time ever crawled by the spiders.

* The publisher will be banned from displaying Ads on entire website not just on the pages containing violations.

* At times, publishers are banned for lifetime, meaning they can never be accepted into those programs again. Not just the website found in violation, but all other sites the publisher owns will be affected.