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Nokia E75 Review

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Nokia E75 Picture
Nokia is coming with exciting piece of mobiles today. Due to the developing competitions around it, it has to provide stunning designs in order to sustain in this market. Hence they launched the new Nokia E75 to the global market.

Nokia E75 mobile comes with side slide QWERTY keyword. It has four rows of keywords that facilitate the users to make a faster approach while messaging and emailing. It has 16M-color TFT display of QVGA resolution with 2.4 inches. Lots of features are available such as Wi-Fi, tri-band GMS and GPS receiver. The Wi-Fi provided has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g with UPnP technology.

Users can take their journey at any time without considering anything regarding the places. This is because the GPS receiver will offer you the needed information from satellite and assist you in reaching the destination. The inbuilt Nokia map will provide the proper interface between to the user and the satellite. A free offer of 3 months voice-assisted navigation comes with this mobile.The price of Nokia E75 according to our last survey was Rs.22700.

3G Nokia phone E75 has a 3.2 mega pixel camera

Nokia E75 Camera
After the birth of the third generation, 3G mobiles are flowing in to the market at huge swing. In this queue Nokia E75 has its own place. Coming to the camera part, it provides 3.2 mega pixel images with auto focus property. User can record interesting events with video recording at 30fps.

Nokia E75 mobile’s steel cover coated over the battery will add the strength to the battery under damages. USB and stereo Bluetooth i.e. A2DP connectivity are also there. Apart from that remote wipe option, carrier independent VoIP support, smart dialing, office editor and toggling between two home screen setups are available in this master piece.

The new Nokia Phone E75 looks very expensive when compared with the functions it offers. 350 euro is not an affordable price even at the starting point of the european market. Battery life is limited due to it performance. Changing batteries at certain is not an easy job with busy people. The D-pad is very little which leads to inconvenience in using it. Camera function is also not up to the mark with limited options.

Even though it has restrictions at few options, it will provide the desirable requirement when doing your office works. Hence it will be a good friend for professionals who need it.

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