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Why The Clover POS System Tops Competitors

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There’s a lot of POS systems out there, and it’s hard to categorize the best POS system—that is, until you try Clover POS systems. The problem is, POS systems are basically only designed for their description: the point of sale. Clover goes far beyond that when you initiate apps from the Clover marketplace.

When you think about managing employee punch in and punch out times, employee information, and your inventory, you probably have some broken systems: paper timecards, and scribbled sheets on clipboards to track your in-house stock. Well, you can kiss all of that goodbye. Use the Clover POS to take care of all your needs. Not to mention that, but what about that one issue that plagues us all: downed servers or internet.

You don’t have to stop in the middle of your business day. Clover stores transactions locally until the internet connection can be restored, so you won’t have to have customers signing every single receipt that prints, or getting frustrated because gift cards won’t work. You can put your trust in Clover, because it’s proven to be such a great solution for so many other business owners and operators like you.

Clover is also one of the most functional POS systems out there. When you hire employees, particularly in the QSR industry, they’ve probably worked at other restaurants in the past. They must have half a dozen POS system displays stuck in their head! They won’t get confused or frazzled with Clover’s easy to understand design. In as little as 20 minutes, you and your employees can be complete professionals on Clover equipment. Updates and apps integrate seamlessly, so you’ll be able to keep moving without missing a beat.

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