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Top Tablets for Gaming in 2016

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Technology has seen significant changes over the years. For instance, tablets originated as fairly simple devices to today’s version which can perform tasks like a computer. Many of these tablets also work well for playing various types of games. These could be games like online casino and betting sites like 188bet or perhaps more graphically demanding games like simulation games. Whatever the game, the fact remains that tablets are terrific gaming devices.

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia Shield Tablet
While this might not be the best known tablet, it is an example of capable gaming tablet. Updated with the zippy Tegra K1 processor, this device can keep you gaming on without that dreaded buffering or lagging. One unique aspect of this tablet is that is includes a wireless game controller which can be used to link the device with a TV to further expand upon its gaming capabilities.

Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air
Mentioning top gaming tablets would naturally include some version of the iPad. This particulate one is well liked for its compact size and light weights. Some gamers may need a great deal of storage space for their games which can be accommodated with this tablet as it offers a range of storage options.

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2
If you’re a diehard iPad fan, this may be the Android tablet that makes you consider converting. This device is actually lighter and thinner than the iPad. You would think with this paring down of size other capabilities have been compromised. Actually the reverse is true. This tablet has a magnificent 10.1 inch screen which can appeal to gamers who prefer a larger screen.


When considering all of these tablets, if you want to tablet to used mainly for gaming, the Nvidia Shield would be the best choice. Not only does it have requisite features for a gaming tablet but it goes further with additional options to provide additional gaming fun.

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