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Employ Right Web Design Techniques For High Conversion Rate

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To boost the conversion rate of your site you can make changes in web design. Conversion rates refer to the number of visitors to the website who carry out the action which is desired by you. With strong knowledge of web design you can identify the areas in which the changes need to be made. When visitors reach your website from a search engine, a referring website or an advert they will have certain expectation. The expectations will be set before they access your site. it is important that you give the right impression. The first impression which they gather is very important.


For high conversion rates

Make sure that the images and text which has been used is relevant to your company. It is important to highlight keywords and phrases. If a customer lands on your page and is not satisfied the bounce rate will be high and the conversion rates will fall. A professional web design team will be able to guide you on how to reduce the bounce rate and urge the user to stay on the page. To get out of fatigue make use of unconventional designs. Include designs which are memorable and engaging. Make sure that product is explained in details. You can harness the power of the product when you design the website.

Gamifying users on your webpage

If you are getting several visitors to your site but the sale is low it is important that you start focusing on the conversion rate. The high traffic will be of no use to you if you are not getting high return on investment. Designing a website with high conversion rate is essential if you want to achieve the business goals. For example consider this online betting site M88, they have used all the techniques of optimization discussed over here. Some actions which you may want the visitor to perform are buying specific product or entering information in a form. When the conversion rates are low you can consider redesigning the website.

Some design tips

Design the call to action is such a way that it goes well with the background. You will have to strike a balance between your business goals and the aesthetics. You will have to come up with a design which sells. You will have to focus on design subtleties to drive the visitors towards conversion. It is important that you distinguish the most important design elements. You can consider placing them in a box which will catch the attention of the visitors. The heading and content which you use should push the visitors towards the conversion goals which you need to attain.

Designing call to action

The call to action must stand out from the rest of the page. You will have to make use of the right color palette. With few clicks you can start a button color test. When you select the color for your call to action consider the feel which a particular color conveys. It is essential that you choose a color which gives the right feel. The color of your choice must contrast with the color which is chosen for the background.

Guiding visitors correctly

You can make use of directional cues to make visitors follow the action which you desire. You can make use of arrows to direct the visitors. With right directional cues you can increase the conversion rate. Optimize the real estate on the page by utilizing white space well. Do not include whitespace between supporting content and the actionable area. A powerful visual hierarchy will have a strong impact on the visitor’s thought pattern. With the good visual hierarchy you can communicate a lot with your webpage. By designing a good layout you can impress the visitors and attain high conversion rates.

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